EMCEE M.D. – IN THE ARMY NOW – Pulled from Salvation Army shelves?!?!?! Plus a new colab track out.

So last week, In The Army Now was to be sold at Salvation Army stores in Buffalo NY as a charity to help out.  it seems that they it was halted though by those who didn’t want it associated with Salvation Army. it was also listened to and called “Derogatory bad rap”… no one listened to the lyrics obviously, there’s zero vulgarity, curse words, or imagery. Well, no biggy, something for Record Store day. sad though, I guess just remember when you buy that Maralyn Manson CD there to think of evil Emcee M.D. is.

On a good note… NEW COLAB TRACK RELEASED!  Toledo’s Highest Criminal (THC) and Emcee M.D. making it happen. Here’s the link for it, check it out :)

Did a colab track with a great dude a while back. Emcee M.D. with the awesome T.oledos H.ighest C.riminal aka Joseph Gomez. More colabs to share in the near future. And more music in general :)

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