A lot in the Emcee M.D. realm will be taking place!

Now that it is May, a lot of things will be happening for the future…this MIGHT be the plan for the new year.

First things first. There are only 2 songs left to be written for the album e=mcMD. A song called Circles, and a song called Bloodsucker. These songs I’m trying to get done VERY soon and get this album 100% memorized and finally done, which I will conclude it’s artwork after that. Prior to the album’s release I will be partaking in MULTIPLE colabs. To me, these colabs will help boost out promotion for the album. I want to have this album released if I can by fall if possible but taking all the correct steps to do so.

In the meantime after the album is finalized I will be writting and recording the other album to be released this year O.G. which i’ve also been working on forever. I will be trying to program up the video game to go with it, which I might do more work on sooner than later due to animation. This album I would like to also have done and released possibly by late fall.

And finally, as a possibility, I want to get another album under way which would be a 4 way split of 4 songs each between myself and 3 other rappers in other cities. I don’t have an idea of what the title of this would be, but I do want this to be an interesting strong idea. This would help me get out in some other areas too so yeah, way better on my end.

I plan also on doing the radio stuff I need to in fall, I am very close to what is needed to get done which is materials and data collection. It’s a process, but should be good. Much more to happen after that, but i want this to occur.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention. I’m going to try and tour very soon. July, August, and September mainly. I’ll tour otherwise too but I need to get a lot done. Possibly some music videos too. We’ll see. I got a few shows coming up too, 1 is with the mighty PROZAK. COME OUT AND HANG!

Well folks that’s all the goings on for me, Emcee M.D… sayonara!

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