Recent news, recording news, and featured tracks!

Hey hey hey, yes it’s been a while, but I’m not dead.  I am very much alive.

First off the album e=mcMD is almost done. I am just getting DJ stuff set. With that being said, when this is done, my other album O.G. is almost done being recorded as well.

In the meantime I’ve also been writting lyrics to features I’ve been doing with other acts. Here is one of those right now. This one is with DAGON’s Keep It Easy Greasy with Dagon (as MC  Food Stamp),  Amish Noise (Reverend Bearded Amish), and myself.

More to come soon.

Aside from that I’m not touring this moment unless I get on a tour package with some other act, mainly due to vehicle situations. I am in need of a new car come spring. I will let you guys know touring status soon!

Good things to come soon!

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