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The line taken from his promotional poster, mild mannered Mark Miller by day, but by forces of untold nature is actually Emcee M.D. (M. D. standing for Madd Dogg). He came from the cow town village of Akron NY, which in it’s rural “bumpkin-ness”, has hailed great musicians of bands such as Cannibal Corpse, and Goldfinger, which in turn EMCEE M.D. once again puts the little town of Akron NY on the map, but from something the area never experiences… HIP HOP. Originally known in the Buffalo music scene from his strange band BOSS TRIBAL (formed in 1998), a musical amalgamation of every style of music mixed known to man, Mark started as the moniker Emcee M.D. in October 2009.

Since that time, Emcee M.D. has been constantly doing live performances at venues, colleges, and festivals, claiming fans all over the world. June 24th 2011, Emcee M.D. released his debut album First Strike, recorded at Watchman Studios with acclaimed engineer Doug White (who has records/recorded Gym Class Heroes, Every Time I Die, Snapcase, etc. plus studio musicians for Lil’ Wayne and etc.). Along with the release of the album, Emcee M.D. released 2 music videos for the singles “Happy Birthday”, and “I’ll Pretend I Didn’t Hear That”, filmed by the award winning Eric Boccio (Elephant Bones – film, editing, lighting), who has done work artists ranging from Lady Gaga to Madball, not to mention Film and TV such as like Jersey Shore and etc.

On August 12th 2012, EMCEE M.D. had claimed major Buffalo notoriety, receiving 2 awards by the WNY People’s Choice awards for 1st place as Buffalo’s “Best in Hip Hop / Band”, and 3rd place for all around “Best Stage Presence”. In the January of 2013 EMCEE M.D. Also was in the online press magazine Shakefist Magazine which he was interviewed about his DIY style and “against the grain” attitude.

When you come to an Emcee M.D. show, you will see nothing but 110% exerted energy. No standing still, No typical swagger walking, No bouncy “new style dances”… more like a constant melee of unbridled aggressive movement, in your face sing-a-longs, and even a few props to give the shock and awe leaving you saying “Now THIS is show!”. Emcee M.D. is undeniably a sound of hip hop that was a lost art. Old school beats with a few new school ideas… some what he calls “dirty and nerdy”. The music, a free formed calamity of catchy choruses and musical hooks, meets “booty shakin’” dance grooves, is unique in it’s own right. Funk, punk rock, old style fast techno industrial, and even hardcore/ metalcore is likely to be caught by one’s ear; but one constant with this matrix of sound is that the roots are hip hop in it’s purest form… old school.

Don’t fear… Emcee M.D. is here.



“WHITE RAPPERS” – Diss on some grind-core blog (Look for TUESDAY DECEMBER 18, 2012)