EMCEE M.D. – IN THE ARMY NOW – Pulled from Salvation Army shelves?!?!?! Plus a new colab track out.

So last week, In The Army Now was to be sold at Salvation Army stores in Buffalo NY as a charity to help out.  it seems that they it was halted though by those who didn’t want it associated with Salvation Army. it was also listened to and called “Derogatory bad rap”… no one listened to the lyrics obviously, there’s zero vulgarity, curse words, or imagery. Well, no biggy, something for Record Store day. sad though, I guess just remember when you buy that Maralyn Manson CD there to think of evil Emcee M.D. is.

On a good note… NEW COLAB TRACK RELEASED!  Toledo’s Highest Criminal (THC) and Emcee M.D. making it happen. Here’s the link for it, check it out :)

Did a colab track with a great dude a while back. Emcee M.D. with the awesome T.oledos H.ighest C.riminal aka Joseph Gomez. More colabs to share in the near future. And more music in general :)

CD EASTER EGG HUNT – MARCH 22 2016 and up!!!


AWWWWW YEAH!!!   So as a surprise before the new record is out, I am doing an “easter egg hunt” that will be for a limited edition 100 CDs that will feature 3 songs. 1 song is a new song that is upcoming off the new album (which has only been heard live), another song that was limited to a small internet release to hear, and a song that is an extremely special mash up!

March 22nd it will be released where CDs will be hidden all around stores in the music sections so yes, you will have to look through a lot of CD areas to find it. CDs can be in the hip hop section, jazz section, metal section, etc. GO FIND ONE! It’s going to be free to take!

Stores participating will be where all EMCEE M.D. CDs are sold:
Record Theater (both locations)
Doris Records
Music Matters (both locations)
Spiral Scratch
Revolver Records
Records Etc.
MLB Music Exchange
Black Dots
Record Baron

Have some fun and March 22nd, and let the hunt begin!!!


Right on schedule… trying to amp up the schedule though into high gear. I basically have 1 month to get 3 songs written with beats…no problem right? Shouldn’t be, however I notice Easter is in march so I have 3 more I need to shoot out.. PLUS I need to get this track for this wrestler done and out ASAP. If I am going to get my album done in time to shoot that out to the radio as well as what I’m doing now, I’m going to need some extra $, and pp in even more work… That deadline might be mid April. All I know is I’m working very hard, and i want to crack this stuff out ASAP. I might even write some music today after i do a few life things I need to do.
However i do have something for you… FOR A SHORT TIME ONLY (meaning for 24 hours) you can download the 16 Bar Challenge that I did entitled 16 BARS OF FURY for free…. I will NOT have this online for a long long time IF i do. So yeah… grab this little miscellaneous tidbit of rapping goodness complete with golf claps and fak cheering crowds LOL!
To get it free, type in 0.00 for “amount to pay”…but if you want to donate to my lovely self for making it happen please do…the $ is needed and appreciated!


Yes!  I’m alive and well. Things are awesome and I have much news.

The album e=MCmd (ENERGIZE) is more and more in the process of getting done. With that being said i have about 4 more songs I need to write and we’re all set. As you know simultaneously I have been writing songs for the album O.G., AND also doing a song that will be intro music for a professional wrestler. Well, in time for Easter, I’m going to try and put out a 3 song CD that will have aa new song, a cover song, and a mash up that is original and samples someone very known ;) …in which, that CD will be called an EASTER EGG…why? Because you can find physical copies ONLY at record stores, music shops, and more!  Speaking of stores, a physical release of IN THE ARMY NOW shall be out in the near future. My main concentration right now is getting music on the radio. I want to try and get e=MCmd done before i do that (if possible) because then i don’t have to mail CDs to places again.

Not only has there been music, there’s also been video game programing which i’ve done art and music for. You can check out Nora Nightlight which is a puzzle style game that me and some dudes made at a Game Jam at the awesome Buffalo Game space. YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE SAMPLER FOR FREE… PLAY IT, IT’S AWESOME!!!!!
http://donboody.itch.io/noranightlight is the download link.
Next week I’ll be doing the Global Game Jam in which I’ll be doing more art and music for an even bigger scaled game. I’m excited, I love doing that stuff. So yeah january 30th come down and make some video games with me at Buffalo Game Space…it’s FREE!

More music videos…well well, IT’S ABOUT TIME RIGHT?!  At the moment it is possible (not guaranteed but possible) I might be filming music videos in early May. As always the incredible Erik Boccio shall be filming. Now once again this is tentative, but looking positive. It won’t be just 1 music video, it will be VERY many music videos. Some will even be for the new album. PLUS, it’s been a while since youtube videos, well, I’m getting my butt in gear on that too. It’s been WAY to long. I apologize for that but yeah, i have a plan, it’s hard without Erik here though, so I’ve recruited some dudes to help. We’ll see how this all goes soon :) Hopefully i will have that rolling by February (and hopefully early February). Oh yeah and 1 more thing… I’ll be streaming live concerts! You can check all the previous stuff on the channel at www.youtube.com/emceemdofficial …AND MAKE SURE YOU SUBSCRIBE! :)

CONVENTION AND TOURS COMETH!!!  Upcoming i’ll be doing the Niagara Community College auditorium stage at Kaminari-CON in March. Not only that but LIL-CON #3 I’ll be doing a set at in April! So what are plans after that, there’s not been much tour stuff… well, I’M BOOKING 2 TOURS :)   1 tour is called the I LOVE NEW YORK tour. i will have a schedule of that up soon! The other tour I haven’t really labeled yet but it shoots me out a little farther than I’ve been out. LOTS of new things brewing too.

Here’s the event page for KaminariCON

Here’s the event page for LIL-CON

One last little tidbit. I’m going to have about 3 new designs of shirt for EMCEE M.D.  So you can have a variety of sexyness, not just the werewolf shirt. Also, pretty soon I’M STARTING A CLOTHING LINE. It’ll be called CONTROL FREAK, which it’s very video game design oriented.

That was a lot of information, but hey, all is good right?